Where to Use Telebirr

Telebirr mobile money is used in the same way as hard cash – the only difference though however is that one is electronic money and the other hard cash. The other notable difference is that Telebirr mobile money can only be used between two people/entities who are both Telebirr customers. Some of the common and most popular uses of Telebirr mobile money are as follows:
• Sending money to family and friends: Suppose one wants to send money to his wife, child, mother or father when they are in different places, towns or cities, one just needs to fund the Telebirr account and send electronic funds to the recipient. The recipient will have the option to use the electronic funds straight from the mobile device to cash out and get hard cash at any Ethio Telecom agents.
• Receive Remittances: Have family and friends from abroad who want to send you money, simply ask them to send directly to your Telebirr mobile money account. Once you receive the funds, you can use the electronic funds directly from the mobile device or withdraw and receive hard cash.
• Purchase In-Store: Customers can purchase anything they want in all merchant stores that accept Telebirr payments. Simply walk into a store, shop for your goods and pay directly from your mobile device. Customers have the option to use the USSD platform or QR scan.
• Purchase Online: In the comfort of your own home, simply visit any online store that supports Telebirr mobile money service and purchase whatever you want.
• Buy Airtime: Using the balance in your Telebirr account, easily and conveniently purchase airtime.