What is it Telebirr

On 11 May 2021, Ethiopia’s sole telecommunication and internet service provider Ethio telecom launched its newest product by the name Telebirr. The new product Telebirr is a mobile money service. Simply put, what this means is that Telebirr facilitates the delivery of cashless transactions. How exactly does Telebirr facilitate the delivery of cashless transactions! If you find yourself wondering about this, then we have all the answers you need.
All customers of Ethio Telecom do have mobile SIM cards which they use in their mobile devices to make calls and connect with friends and family. The SIM cards thanks to the Telebirr service now however have an added function – this function relates to the mobile money service. The mobile money service allows all Ethio Telecom SIM cards to store electronic money. The money kept on the SIM cards can then be used to purchase different things in retail stores (electronically of course), make online payments and buy airtime amongst many other things. There are different ways to fund the SIM card with electronic money. More on this will be shared