How to Register/Sign Up for Telebirr

To start using the Telebirr mobile money service, Ethio Telecom customers have to register their Telebirr accounts first. There are three ways that customers can register their accounts. These methods are as follows:
Option 1: Self Registration via USSD
Customers can register for the Telebirr service on their own. To do this, customers need to use the USSD service on their mobile devices. Note that the USSD service should be done using the same SIM card that the customers wish to register on the Telebirr mobile money service. The self-registration process is as follows:
• Dial *127#
• Select Register for Telebirr and press OK/SEND
• Choose “Self-registration” and press OK/SEND
• Enter First, Middle and Last Name consecutively and press OK/SEND
• Select Gender and type OK/SEND
• Enter Date of Birth and press OK/SEND
• Enter invitation code or select # to skip
• Select OK/SEND once the confirmation Pop Up appears on the phone screen
• Afterwards a PIN code is received via SMS
• Dial *127# again to activate
• Select language and enter the default PIN
• Select OK/SEND to confirm the activation
• A notification on the success of the registration process is received.
Option 2: Self-Registration via the mobile APP
Telebirr does have a mobile App which customers can use to open an account. The process to be followed in opening an account via the App is as follows:
• Click the “New Account” button
• Choose “Quick Create Account” or “Self-Create Account”
• Enter mobile number and click on “Get Code”
• Enter the code sent in the verification code field and click “Next”
• Input personal details (Title, ID Type, ID Card, First, Middle and Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Preferred Language)
• Click SUNMIT after inserting the personal details
• Wait for the PIN code to be sent via SMS
• Enter the default PIN and press login
• To activate the account, change the default PIN by a new one and click FINISH
• Wait for the SMS that notifies you that the account has been successfully activated.
Option 3: Agent Registration
Telebirr customers also have the opportunity to register an account at an authorized agent or Ethio telecom shop. Simply visit any nearby agent or Ethio Telecom shop to register. Customers must bring along proof of identity to the agent in order to successfully register an account.